Triumph’s Law of Paradigm Establishment

Triumph’s Law on Paradigm Establishment: A new paradigm has officially replaced the old when the former stops comparing itself to the latter.

For example, for thirty years Apple and Microsoft’s (but especially Apple’s) achievements have been compared to the Xerox PARC computer and the storied visit Steve Jobs and Bill Gates took decades ago. PARC engineers introduced GUI, the mouse, the scrollbar and pretty much every foundation bit we take for granted today. Still, when people talk about Apple or Microsoft innovation (but especially Apple) they mention the visit to PARC.

One day, Apple or Microsoft will roll out a machine or program or something that has nothing to do with PARC technology, and no mention will be made of PARC or Xerox. When that happens–the old is finally scraped off the shoes of the new–the new computing paradigm will officially have begun.


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