Activity to Get Faculty to Engage in Data

Getting people to care about data, engage in data and use data to drive instruction is difficult, but this exercise can serve the dual goal of data engagement and team building. Too many teachers are stuck on current practices.  We teach as we were taught.  We hold biases.  When data confirms what we know, it... Continue Reading →


Hattie, Homework and an Insightful Analytical Blog Post (and Cautionary Tale)

Our school is struggling with the issue of homework. Recently, we have moved away from it.  Some parents equate more homework with academic rigor and quality.  Of course, the data says otherwise--but also supports that community perception of the school goes up when the homework load goes up.  Now, the rallying call is for a... Continue Reading →

DRP as an Indicator Of….

When I arrived at my current school a decade ago, there was no definitive measure of a student's ability to read.  That may be hard to conceive in this data-drives-instruction landscape (although in education you can find plenty of instances where a lot of data will not tell you the most basic things about students),... Continue Reading →

Too Many Cooks

I whipped this together while watching football. . And if you'd like a gentle poke in the ribs and good procedural mystery, try this: Absentee List: An Old Horse Mystery

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