Social Emotional as Indicator of Academic Support and Placement Needs

The question was whether to place three kids in Tier II support or World Language.  Sixth grade is where students commit to a language, but those who struggle use that time as a precious resource: To get extra academic time to supplement their regular classes.  In August, the team sits around a table, looks at... Continue Reading →


Activity to Get Faculty to Engage in Data

Getting people to care about data, engage in data and use data to drive instruction is difficult, but this exercise can serve the dual goal of data engagement and team building. Too many teachers are stuck on current practices.  We teach as we were taught.  We hold biases.  When data confirms what we know, it... Continue Reading →

Big Picture, Little Picture Data

My admins have begun to ask good questions that require data to form the answer, and as a result have given me access to vast amounts of data to explore with.  After answering their initial questions, one admin began to talk about using data in a Response to Intervention (RtI) type model.  A big believer... Continue Reading →

Why Data Matters

My primary blog is Middle School Poetry 180, which you can find here.  I live in the world of the Humanities even while I love all things data.  But, that’s why the bent is towards English majors. Unfortunately, too many English and liberal arts majors throw their hands up and say, “I can’t do math.”... Continue Reading →

DRP as an Indicator Of….

When I arrived at my current school a decade ago, there was no definitive measure of a student's ability to read.  That may be hard to conceive in this data-drives-instruction landscape (although in education you can find plenty of instances where a lot of data will not tell you the most basic things about students),... Continue Reading →

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