Mapping Data with Google Sheets (on a Map!)

I have long wondered if student success is tied to where the student lives.  (Why?  Read in this post.) With between 50 and 120 students at a time, sitting down with a map, charting out each student's location and then linking their assessment results to that pin has seemed a bit arduous.  Google Maps has... Continue Reading →


Why Mapping Data Matters

I am going to post on how to use Google Tables to map student data, but I wanted to explain why you might want to do it separately.  You, I am sure, can find a dozen uses for mapping data.  Here are a few of mine: Knowing the Community: I do not live where I... Continue Reading →

Agency Formula: Who Should Be in a Meeting

Our middle school group were once great decision makers.  We were inclusive, thoughtful and decisive. We had meetings, but over time we stopped rotating roles, or having formal roles, or taking minutes.  Eventually, nearly all decisions were made in the hallway or through impromptu gatherings.  Meetings were where we formally approved already made decisions.  If... Continue Reading →

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