Counterfactual Reasoning, Black Swans, and Common Planning Conundrums

There are many nuts-and-bolts topics discussed (which is probably why you are here) in the name of counterfactual thinking and black swans.  All interesting, but you may by here for only one, so scroll down to what interest you.  In order, the topics are: Introduction, Configuration, Schedule, Placement, Last Thoughts.  Enjoy. Counterfactual Reasoning and Black... Continue Reading →


Community Choices Indicate Community Priorities

In my earlier post about scheduling "When You Are Choosing Something, You Are Choosing Not" I wrote: For every education decision, the path taken is weighed against what is not.  Creating a schedule lays this bare each year.  If you give math more time, it will come from something else. As the parties vie for... Continue Reading →

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