Make Sports Coed Redux

A few months ago I made the argument that schools should move towards a coed model of sports.  The logic behind those arguments can be found here, and I stand behind the basic concept. I was surprised to find, during August inservice, that a former student was denied a place on the high school field... Continue Reading →


Make Sports Co-ed

Two years ago our administration told us not to use gender in our classroom. It had come up when students were asked to pack-up the room for the day--boys putting away materials, girls stacking chairs. It was one of many daily sorts we do, and students self-designated their gender and responsibility, but one student who... Continue Reading →

Data to Make Kid’s Sports Fun

How does a father enjoy his child's athletic career?  Data, of course. I began using data when my son became deflated after nearly every game.  Being seven, he often saw the battle on the court or field as coming down to a loss.  Then, he'd internalize it.  All losses were his fault, any win due... Continue Reading →

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